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Enroll for Data Science Training Today. Request Demo class from Senior developer . Our instructor has  6+ years of experience in Data Science.

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Softtronix offers a comprehensive educational program in data science designed and made to the demands of a team thereby giving huge opportunities to candidates to make a career specifically through Data Science coaching.

Skill professional are continuing to choose Data Science as their career with organizations that are focusing on collecting data and drawing meaningful insight to aid their business growth data is treated as an asset to any organization only if is process efficiently when Big Data was available in abundance the need to store this data grew in the manifold. Until early 2010, there was a need to build a state of art infrastructure to store valuable data, which would help in processing new business ideas and insights. with the framework that has taken care of the storage part, the focus has now shifted towards processing this data.


A Data Visualization expert, 

1. Machine learning
2. Data scientist
3. Data analyst
4. Data engineer
5. Business Intelligent Developer

Artificial Intelligence: The next huge concept in the technical world.

Machines that can mimic the human brain, have the power to think, analyze and make decisions.

Image recognition using OpenCV [Computer Vision].


The candidates are trained by are trainers with absolute freedom and to the best of the abilities to are trainers and explore the themes and teach the candidate . A student can apply and submit their experiences to the trainers.

1. Trainer from prime MNCS
2. Active coaching in Data Science.
3. Business primarily based coaching.
4. Offline and on-line coaching modules
5. Trained 500+ students.
6. Study Theoretical & sensible information.
7. Certified Professionals with High Grade.
8. Well connected with HRs in international MNCs.


The Biggest five MNC's - Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Apple are employing more than half of one US employees. data science requires a very advance education is required in doing data science because of which high paying job are offered to data science professional.

1. Data Scientist
2. Machine Learning Engineer
3. Machine Learning Scientist
4. Applications Architect
5. Enterprise Architect
6. Data Architect
7. Infrastructure Architect
8. Data Engineer
9. Business Intelligence (BI) Developer
10. Statistician
11. Data Analyst


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