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Software Testing Training in Nagpur with Placement Calls

Enroll for Software Testing Training Today. Request Demo class from Senior developer . Our instructor has 5+ years of experience in salesforce.


SOFTTRONIX offers a comprehensive educational program in software testing  designed and made to the demands of a team thereby giving huge opportunities to candidates to make a career specifically through Software testing coaching 

A precise industry-driven software testing and training program has been devised by SOFTTRONIX to train the students and working professionals to shape their career in quality assurance

The growing demand in software industries has resulted in the rising demand for authentic and reliable software their is a massive demand for dependable software but the quality is always in question testing ensures that the software self standard and deliver the desired results

A software testing course can be of use to create a high-quality software program. however, the SOFTTRONIX testing course trains candidates in Nagpur and have identified the list of topics that would help a candidate in securing a great job.

The Software Testing course syllabus covers basic to advanced level course contents which are used by most Software Testing training classes in Nagpur.

Who should Attend ?

 Professionally can be pursued by the likes of Directors, Developers, Analysts. Software Testing is used in nearly every industry and countless companies today, and its reach continues to expand. Software Testing is use to finding the Errors and Bugs technology is some of the most advanced in the world and the cloud computing model makes it affordable and scalable.

This course is often taken by anybody

• An Associate who is an IT professional/student
• A graduate with a Computer Science background.
• A graduate who desires to make a career as a Software Testing.

However, there are good opportunities with a Software Testing training program which can land a candidate with a flying career.

Key Feature

Our Trainers extend absolute freedom to the candidate to know and explore the themes and teach the candidates, on a period example that the candidate can  apply and need to submit their sensible experiences to their mentor within the time-frame provided to The candidate.  

1. Trainer from prime MNCS
2. Active coaching on Software Testing cloud.
3. Business primarily based coaching.
4. Offline and on-line coaching modules
5. All the trainers have nine years of MNC expertise
6. Trained 500+ students.
7. Study Theoretical & sensible information.
8. Well connected with HRs in international MNCs.
9. Skilled level Subject information and up-to-date on real-world business applications.

Our Trainers are working in international firms like TCS, Persistent, Deloitte

Job Opportunities in Nagpur

Software Testing program has boosted business organizations traction in the technology industry. the demand for a professional Software Testing candidate spans across different industries with wonderful job opportunities as a Software Testing Developer.

MNCs are signing big contracts every day for using Software Testing which is why there is a huge demand for Software Testing skills, expertise and knowledge Software Testing to an extension is also being invested by small companies and Larger companies and are upgrading their Software Testing system to fulfill the requirements of an application.

Why should professionals master their skills of the Software Testing platform?

1) To operate an organizations business effectively it has become increasingly important that demand and salaries for Software Testing professional are at an all-time high.

2)There are approximately 200,000 organizations that are using Software Testing platform.

All these organizations use Software Testing to leverage various business functions and there are in need of experts who can help them find finest ways to leverage innumerable capabilities of the Software Testing platform.


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